About Me

Hi, I am Sara, wife, mother, a farmgirl, a published children's book illustrator, artist of many talents, and BAI trained-doula. I was born and raised in a small town in West Central Wisconsin. Actually, I still live there.

My husband, son, and I live on a small hobby farm that helps supplement our food bill. And provide us with the satisfaction of knowing where are food comes from.

We like food, especially if it is real food. We hate additives, and actually shun them. We try hard to create meals mostly from our garden store, however, when times are tough we try to find foods that are the least processed have animal fats and no hormones. We try our hardest to have raw dairy, raw juices, and lots of enzyme rich foods.  I guess you could call us Real Foodies. 

My family is my main priority. My health took a major turn and instead of using natural means to heal my self, for the moment I gave in an used conventional drugs to help symptoms subside before I can go heavy on the herbal remedies, due to the severity of the problem, or so I thought. I ended up not knowing that those drugs were actually causing worse damage than before. The symptoms came back with a vengence, while I was still taking the pills. I was freaked out and decided not to go back to the doctor who provided me with those capsules of deception. So I went to a naturopathic doctor and paid out of pocket to see what would be suggested. There were two simple things and so far about a month and a half later the symptoms have not returned. We are actually on our way to fertility. Hopefully after a few months of getting back on track we will actually have a positive test result. But I am not going set a time limit.

I stay at home with my son, Orion, and we pretty much unschool. I have tried many other ways of "homeschooling" and this is what works for us. I also integrate things from traditional means of homeschooling. Like making lapbooks. I love making them, but Orion, not so much. However he loves looking at and playing with them, so I make them on certain topics and put them on the lapbook shelf. When he is in the mood to look at one he picks it and uses it. It is awesome. Another thing we really enjoy doing is taking field trips. They are such a good way to learn. It is kind of a blessing to have my husband home all the time, because we have the chance to learn together.

Art is a passion of mine. I love to create things and watch them come to life. It is really amazing to see your own work in print. The art looks so different when it is in a book than it does sitting on the computer screen. I love it! Another art form I do besides illustration, is make miniatures. Yes, doll house miniatures. They are teeny and tiny and I find them completely cute. 

So stick along for the ride and hopefully you will enjoy the life of The Crunchy Farmgirl. 

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