Wednesday, September 15, 2010

1st year of school.

Orion and his first school project. 

Pre K, Preschool, 4 yr old Kindergarten, what ever you call it,  Orion has officially started school. It is not as intense as most home school programs. We are pretty much unschoolers. Orion actually enjoys having an hour or two where all he does is "school things." He loves having a schedule and using a timer. He does letter and number of the week games and crafts, he paints alot using different mediums. When things start to get boring and he isn't using his hands as much he really loses interest. That's the way I was in school too. I hated having to sit and read and then have to remember all this stuff that I would never actually use in real life.  All I know is this child is incredibly bright. I mean he is 3  and a half and he counts to 60 hardly making any mistakes. Last night while we were falling asleep out of nowhere he just started counting in spanish. I don't even know where it came from.

Fridays are our Field Trip Days. Orion LOVES The Magic School Bus. So I decided to set a day every week where we do some type of field trip. Last week it was not on a friday but as a Birthday present to me we went to Como Zoo in MN. That was fun. I loved watching Orion react with the animals. 

I would show some of the animals but that will be at a later date. 

Our Living-room/Class room is still under construction. I  have been working on painting it but I lost the gumption. I will obviously show pictures when it is complete if it ever gets there.

Today Orion and I learned about A is for apple and he painted an apple orchard and made an A into an apple, he played with apple pie  play-dough as well. Tomorrow we will be doing a Fall themed Sensory Tub. 

I also have to teach in Relief Society, and Nursery this coming Sunday. Hmm.. I think I may be busy.  I have to admit I do love playing nursery leader though. :)

I will have to post my lesson for Nursery. Last week we made mobiles. I am working on a Nursery tree for the wall.  Children will have their photo and name on it. This will help them recognize their own names. 

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