Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Teacher Tuesday- Letter D projects and Last week's catch up.

From last week. C is for Catapillar. Here are all the supplies minus the glue. Orion was thrilled with the googly eyes. 

Waiting for the paint to dry. 

Finished product. Orion is very proud of his C caterpillar. 

I love the different sized eyes.  

D is for Dinosaur!! ROAR!!!

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  1. Great reuse it project. Not sure what is cuter the project or the outfits your son is wearing; an apron and a tiger costume, priceless!

  2. Thanks Abbie! I think it is so funny. He refuses to take off the tiger sweatshirt.( okay well sometimes he will wear is dinosaur one) But the only things he wears on his feet is his red rain boots. :P I think it is so sweet. :)