Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Gluten free Turkey Time.

I love thanksgiving, it is like the only time we eat turkey. I have made two turkey's in my lifetime and I found the best recipe the first time around. YUM!!!

Anyway here is what I d to make the turkey ever so yummay....

We by a fresh turkey. Local and free roaming. We never freeze them. When we are ready to cook the turkey we must do the love the turkey dance ( okay not actually but it is pretty funny) clean turkey of all pin feathers that may have been missed. fold neck skin of turkey over so that the opening is closed and pin it shut with toothpicks. Then line the inside of the turkey with aluminum foil. Put butter and carrots, celery and potatoes into the cavity and cap with more foil so it is closed. Rub olive oil over turkey, sprinkle with a little salt.  Now here is the kind of crack addict injection part. We use butter and we inject it into the turkey every where and we use alot maybe 2 sticks. You can never have enough.  OH it is so yummy. Now we also roast the turkey breast side down. This gets the juices flowing through the breast keeping them moist. We start at 420 degrees and lower it to 350 after an hour. Then continue at about 15 minutes per pound. It will be interesting because this year we have a 30 pounder to cook. This is the best turkey I have ever had and I am anticipating it greatly. Oh and it is gluten free. :D YAY!!!

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