Saturday, January 8, 2011

In the mood...

     I honestly have been wanting to blog but have not had the time. Being 1st counselor in  Relief Society is certainly using up time in my life ( not that I am complaining, I like feeling important), trying to do doula homework (still looking for more pregnant ladies by the way, ( I may know of one I want to approach, I mean the worst she can do is say no... right?) , Oh and did I mention I have the honor of illustrating a book on homebirth. WOOT! I am so excited. When the book is published you guys are going to be so blown away by the story. I found it very inspiring and the author did a wonderful job. :) 
So the Book Nourishing Traditions showed up on my door step a couple days ago. 


     There is no other word to describe it. I have been trying so hard to avoid junk food. I think my problem is I have no will power. Any-who, I made live yogurt with probiotics yesterday and it is already 3/4 of the way gone. I have sauerkraut a brewing and I have bread dough rising for tomorrow. I am thinking about making something with Lentils tomorrow as well. But if I do that I need to get them soaking before I go to sleep. ^_^. We had oatmeal soaked overnight this morning and it was surprisingly yummy. Granted you could tip the bowl upside down and nothing would come out.

I have learned so much just in the past couple of days about food that it is just amazing.. I will most definitely be changing dieting habits and basing them off of this book and a few others I want to get or at least read.

The walk from getting the Christmas tree... Notice the non-existent mittens....Grrr...

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