Monday, March 7, 2011

Memory Monday #1

I know I know. I said I didn't want to do themes anymore and here I am with another themed day. Anywho. I thought I would start Memory Monday. I want to share things with my child(ren). So here is a spot where I will do so.


March 5, 2011

It was night. I was upstairs working on something. 4 year old Orion was playing with toys and Ike was downstairs working on his gun. Orion wanted to empty out one of his containers that had toys in it. And take the container downstairs. I watched him drag the bright red Rubber-maid Tub out the door (because of the layout of the house that was all I could see) Soon I heard thuds down the stairs, laughter and "Wee---" down the stairs until there was a crash and then some crying. Apparently Orion thought this would be an easier way to get the bin down the stairs since it was larger than him. After I checked that he was alright, I nearly died of laughter. Just because the sound was so funny and since I didn't see the actual act I could only imagine the expression of pure joy and then the sudden change to fear as he crashed into the antique oak dining room table at the bottom of the stairs. Next time hopefully Orion wears a helmet, and some body armor.

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