Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Memory Monday #2---and first glimpse of gardening

I hope a corner of my garden looks like
 this some day
Yesterday the weather was beautiful. I went out side and was able to walk to the other side of the yard where the daylilies are planted with my boots only touching grass not snow. It was awesome! Not that I don't love winter, but a person can only take so much. When I got to the daylilies I had fear in my heart. I had just read that if you are in the north you need to plant your daylilies in the spring because they need time to develop a good root system before the snow. We didn't do that. We planted in the fall, just a few weeks before the first snow. So as I was out there walking closer I could feel anxiety overcome me, we had worked so hard at tilling that spot for the lilies I didn't want to see all that hard work and broken belt on the rototiller for nothing. When I got to the bed it looked sad. But I examined closely. And what did I see? NEW GROWTH! I praised my Heavenly Father for protecting the Daylilies, so we can have beauty around us this coming year. On the way back I stopped and checked the garlic bed. I lifted some straw and found it was still ice on top of the soil. I have more faith in them. They are hardy. I also learned that garlic can grow right through a straw mulch. Which is awesome so I leave that there and have no weeding. :) There is about 70 head of garlic out there. I hope to plant more next year. My seedlings that I started a few months ago are growing strong. I should have done this yesterday when the weather was so nice but I need to transplant my tomatoes. They are almost a foot tall already. I fear I will most likely be harvesting tomatoes before I even plant them in their beds. However, I will be repotting them deep, tomatoes are one of the plants that you can plant the stem all the way up to the first set of leaves in soil, and they will grow roots. Sweet! My herbs are growing well too. I may even have to repot them already. Since it is still early I can repot them, and then I can reuse the peat pod and start some more seeds. Gardening is so exciting. I think I like it more this year because I am creating a raised bed sanctuary. I have not measured exactly yet, but all I know is it is going to be gorgeous. I have ideas flowing thru my head that I need to get on paper, because all this illustration and Relief Society and Peggles stuff gets bumped to the top of my priorities. Not to mention Orion and Ike. They are always at the top and taking up the most room. My brain is getting crammed. So if I right it down I won't forget and I can make room and have a relaxed mind for the project at hand.
     Oh I also was contacted by a woman interested in my doula services. That's right I was contacted. How awesome is that! I am never contacted. I hope she choses the person that is right for her and her family. :)

Memory Monday #2----sorry it's late---

I was woken today March 22, 2011 by the sound of rain/snow on the windows. It sounded like someone was crinkling cellophane paper or a video tape. As I lay in bed listening, Orion who was playing in his bed came up to me with hands clasped and said "Mommy, you'll never guess what I have in my hands." I looked at him waited with a smile for him to tell me. "FAERIES!" He was so excited! He informed me that he had Tinkerbell and Vidia in his hand and he could not be too loud because he didn't want Daddy to know that he had them. Ike was turned facing the wall so we didn't know that he was actually awake trying to stifle his laughter. I love the imagination this child has. I love the trust he shows in us, and I love his personality. I love the way he has compassion for all living things. We are constantly reminded that animals are living things that Jesus created so we need to love them and thank them when they are yummy.  It makes me very proud to be his mother.

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