Monday, March 28, 2011

waiting for their mark....

The design has changed again. I wanted something
more simplistic.
So since things are on halt with the children's book illustration, and I have a couple of craft shows coming up I thought I would show what is in line waiting for my stamp on the bottom :) I have managed to make some Peggles (TM). I am just in love with these. Here are the Adult girls and guys. Each is about 3 inches. The guy is a little taller than the girl. After the craft shows we will see what will make it to the etsy shop. Time to work on the children.  Oh and note to self only seal the Peggles outside or in a very large room with windows open. I think I may be high... ugh.... 

Oh, and I don't think I will used these straight
pegs for the guys. I don't know.
I really like the bell shape. We will see..
 I need to find the packaging bags I got and then I can start printing my labels. Oh and I got a stamp that has my logo on it for the bottom. Oh and guess what the best thing of all is.... it only cost me 3 stinking dollars. 

I am so grateful I don't have to teach for about a month. That is such a relief for this crafting season. I hope I can actually make some money with these little dudes and dudettes. 

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  1. Oh...these came out beautifully! Love them!