Monday, August 22, 2011

Yes... Yes.. I know...

It has been too long... I have not posted a blog post here in over 2 months. I really have no excuse. Other than I didn't feel like anyone cared what was going on in my life so I stopped posting. Turns out, no matter how many of you respond, or don't "care". I need this outlet to vent, and to feel like I am actually accomplishing something. Because no matter how you look at it blogging is journaling. And the Prophet has told us to keep an a journal.

The past two months have been busy. I saw a good highschool friend in her beautiful baby belly bliss (say that ten times fast.) I started work on a website for my illustrations. HERE  However, that is still under construction, because with all the coding I had to do ( I am definitely not going to do Coding as a job) it took me a month just to get those dang buttons where I want them, only to find out if you highlight the page there is random code that is just the same color  as the background acting as a spacer.

Besides that the Hubs brought home about 110 #s of corn for me to can and do with as I please. Well, lets just say I don't like corn anymore. The stuff I canned will definitely be used for winter storage. Blech. I have had enough.

These are what our Hot summer days look like around here.

I just love the sheer joy my little man is having. 

and these are the days of our lives...

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