Thursday, October 6, 2011

technology vs farmlife and distracted

I have been having a struggle with myself lately. I LOVE technology, yet I really really want to live like the olden days. And of course me watching Edwardian Farm, Victorian Farm, and Tales from the Green Valley, are not helping any.

Sometimes I think technology has a way of making you forget where your roots are. But at the same time there are such advantages to having it. Take this for an example. In my current line of work I am an illustrator. I do not have the technique to be able to illustrate all I want in the "traditional" sense. I have never been able to paint a picture. Only draw. However add in some technology like the massive 80 pound pretty I have sitting on my desk... aka the Cintiq 24HD... (I would be lying if I said it didn't make me totally drool when I turn this bad boy on.) and I can actually complete an entire scene and like the way it looks.

I guess I am just writing because it has been so long and I need to find a balance between wanna-be old style farm life, and owning the just released Cintiq 24HD, and trying to make a living from it. **Sigh**

Oh the woes of what I want my reality to be.

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