Saturday, December 17, 2011

My Memories Suite v3 Review and GIVEAWAY!!!!

A few weeks ago I was contacted by the company My Memories. They said they had seen my blog and were wondering if I would like to do a review of their product MY MEMORIES SUITE v3. I was totally psyched! Not only would this be my first product review where I was contacted, but I would also be able to do my first GIVEAWAY! How exciting! 

Here is an infomercial of the first My Memories Suite. Remember this is from 2009 so there are two other versions of My Memories Suite before the one that this review is about today. 

Any-who, on with the review. This review will be totally unbiased even though I was given a free copy of the software to keep. When I first downloaded My Memories Suite v3 I was having a problem because it would start up but then halfway through the start up it would stop and send a message saying it needed to shut down and quit working. I was bummed. So I did as any customer would do and contacted the My Memories support team. Wow, what a fast response. They proceeded to tell me how to try fixing the problem. Turns out there was nothing wrong with their file it was in fact me who had the problem. My QuickTime was out of date. That's it. Once I updated QuickTime I opened My Memories Suite and it worked great. 

User Friendly - My Memories Suite is completely user friendly. I had never used a scrap-booking program other than Photoshop Elements, but that is not strictly for scrap-booking, and technically neither is My Memories Suite v3. I loved the ease of adding embellishments, adding shadows, using the papers and figuring out where on the page I wanted things. It was extremely easy. 

High Quality - The things (papers, embellishments, customization options, etc.) are all of high quality and great resolution. You are given the chance to re-size pretty much everything. And if you re-size something to larger than what it was made for My Memories Suite v3 will send you a little warning letting you know that you may be in danger of creating a very pixelated image. 

Extremely Addictive -  If there is one con that I need to really point out is that My Memories Suite v3 is extremely addictive. Especially if you love scrap-booking. Or even if you don't like scrap-booking you can still use this product to create things such as banners and buttons for blogs, websites, etc. You can also use My Memories Suite v3 for things like business cards, letter heads, gift tags. With all the kits at you are bound to create something beautiful. Plus there is a special button to take you to the FREE kits page. There are so many free kits that you may not even know what to do with them all. Some are Quick-pages where all you do is insert your picture and you get this beautiful page for your scrapbook with out the work of creating from scratch. And if you don't find something you like in the Free kits page the prices of the kits are really great considering how much you get from each kit. 

Environmentally Friendly - So I love all the scrapbooking embellishments that are found at Michaels and Joann however, they are expensive. And like in the infomercial it can become something you don't even really want the kids to look at and I don't think that is what the whole idea of having a scrapbook is about. They are made to be shared and enjoyed. I am just loving the fact of all the paper and money I am going to save. 

Here is something I created using mostly free kits, and a few elements from purchased kits to create a Christmas presents for the Grandparent type people of my family. (lets hope they don't read this)

You have to remember not all the photos are in yet because a few things have not happened yet. :P 

If you would like to try the Trial version of My Memories Suite v3 you can go HERE

Or you can Enter the Giveaway!

That's right I have the honor of giving away one complete full version of the My Memories Suite v3 software to one lucky winner. 

Here are the ways to enter: 

**For each entry please post a comment saying you completed the task. 

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This giveaway will end on December 24 at 9 PM central time. A winner will be announced on December 25 at 8 AM Central time.

If you can't wait for the giveaway and would like to purchase the My Memories Suite v3 you can use a special code to get $10 off the Suite and receive a $10 dollar coupon for a future purchase. Here is the code:


I would recommend copying and pasting this directly so you don't miss a letter. 

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