Tuesday, January 10, 2012

{Foodie Tutorial} How to make Kale Chips

If you want a healthy snack that can be really addicting you must try these Kale chips.

Things you will need:

1 bunch of Kale
a knife and cutting board
seasonings (my favorite is salt, pepper, and cayenne)
olive oil
oven set to 180-200 degrees F.

Today we have enlisted the help of a little man
who has already been snacking on some Kale.
Excuse the sweetheartedness of this picture. 

The first thing you must do is wash all the little garden friends off the kale. I just used water but I bought Organic so it doesn't need too much of a scrub . 

Next you need to remove the stalk from the Kale if you don't you'll end up with sharp little spears that like to poke you. Plus the stalk is very bitter. So not so fun. I find it is easies if you lay the kale on its side and just make one swipe with the knife along the stem cutting both leaves. It works really slick.  

I was actually sad to see this waste. My chickens won't eat it and I almost ran out and bought some rabbits just to give them this treat.  Here is what you will be left with. The leaves you see are really wilted and I didn't want to make a chip with them so that is why they are there. 

Next drizzle olive oil or any type of oil you prefer over the de-stemmed Kale.

"Mommy, this is my working face."

Make sure to mix thoroughly so each piece of Kale has oil on it, but not enough that it is soaked and soggy. 
Orion was pretty excited about this part. 

Now you have two options you can either put on dehydrator sheets and season to your liking. Then Dry until crispy like a chip or you can do as I did and seasoned them on the pans that go in our convection oven.  

Set the oven to 180-200 degrees and bake until crispy like a chip, you may have to mix up the leaves in order to get them all dried. 
NOTE: If you are using a regular oven not set to convection (where it blows air) you may want to crack the door open, or else the leaves will just steam. 

Here they are in their crispy goodness.

"iHEART kale chips!" 

This treat is guaranteed to make you "chipper". Sorry I had to. 


  1. Kale chips sound interesting but intriguing! Do you put any other seasonings on them? Also, how do you store them...

    Your helpers 'working face' looks like it helps get the job done...lol

  2. The only things i have ever put on them were salt, pepper, cayenne. My mom suggested some garlic powder. I have yet to try that one.

    He was pretty excited to help make Kale chips.

  3. This is so interesting! But the best part is the pics of your little man. Adorable!

    We have a cabin located in Wisconsin. Perhaps you're not far away, who knows?

    Great blog. Great photos.

  4. ok it worked for me, i never thought they would crisp up but they did... i added some salt 1/2 thru cooking time, i also used a smidgen of truffle oil to make them taste different which i used with my olive oil... and i did have my convection on convection bake 225 degrees. thank you

  5. i used some truffle oil added to my olive oil, and added a little salt right before done. I can't believe they crisped up...i had my convection bake setting at 225 and it only took about 25 minutes
    thank you