Monday, March 26, 2012

April is here!

Long gone are the days of laziness on the computer. We have a new member of the family who I mentioned a few posts ago. Here are some pictures of her in all of her Raspberry Pink madness.  
Oh and just a side not The Naked Feast will be joining The Crunchy Farmgirl. Recipes will be added regularly here, using my Recipage. I am hoping to have a lot more since I now have access to Raw Real milk. It is awesome. 

The newest addition to the family. April, a purebred, 5 yr old jersey, expecting a calf any day now. Which means REAL milk! 

April is due early April. (How funny is that?) and then we are hoping to have another new addition to the homestead. This is exciting. I fed her all by my self today. Which is a huge step because I am terrified of being trampled. She is so--- calm. I actually even got into her pen today, my husband wasn't even there to protect me. Frankly, I am thrilled that she and I are getting along so well. Especially since I will most likely be doing a lot of the work once Ike goes back to work in a month or two. 

Lastnight a friend and I went out on a voyage most would say we were crazy for doing. We went on a 2.5 hour drive to get Real milk. Oh it is so good. And we got it super fresh. As in, milked the same morning. Each half gallon jar had about 2 and a half inches of cream on top. We got almost an entire gallon of cream! So what did we do? 

 We made BUTTER!!! That was so fun and exciting! I will post the actual butter pictures another time. 

Here's to another Monday. I didn't illustrate a single thing for almost half a week. I am exhausted from working on the fence for April, even though my husband and brother-in-law are probably a lot more tired than I am. Orion helped them out as well. 

I have some awesome traditional foods things I learned Sunday night that will be sure to knock your socks off! Each thing is entitled to it's own blog post. YAY! I have material! 

Stay Tuned!

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