Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday Weigh in ...update...

So I have been busy. VERY VERY BUSY!

Highlights since I was last here.

  • April had her baby!!! His name is Hercules, (Orion named him FreezerBurn). Man this kid is smart. 

  • I worked some on illustrations. It took me over a week to get one spread finished!!!!! I don't know if I will ever draw a grocery store scene again!!! AGHH~! 
  • I gained weight and lost it plus one pound!! ( not exactly the best since I was hoping to lose more.) 
  • I won 2nd place in Shoshanna Easling's (of BulkHerbStore) March fitness challenge. I can't wait for my prize to arrive. I get the entire Makin' Babies Series for my efforts. EXCITING!!
  • I became a Mommy of 2 for a few days. I may one for many days each week. :D I think I want to make a wrap. That will help lose weight I know it. :D 

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