Thursday, July 26, 2012

Introducing Crunchy Farmgirl TV!

In episode one I explain my reasoning for wanting to start a video series, and also share my heritage pork breeds.

Red Wattle hogs have a status of critical on the American Livestock Breed Conservancy priority list. That is not good. If we want to see these animals get off the critical list we need to start eating them. That is the only reasonable thing to do, as odd as it sounds.

We must get out of the factory farms they are making us sick. If you look at the animals in there they ARE sick. It is no wonder they have a constant supply of antibiotics, they are living in a death trap. And since they are fed mostly antibiotics, that is what we are fed as well. And that is why we are becoming more and more resistant to antibiotics and these super bugs are running rampant all over.

People tell me this is an extreme situation. But the fact of the matter is that this picture you see right here is the reality that so many people never see. These pigs are left in these crates all their life. They are driven insane by not being able to walk or move. They cannot do pig-ish things like rut and wallow. They chew on the bars trying to get out, and sit in blood, and feces. They have open wounds and constant infections. These pigs are not healthy. These pigs and other animals raised in the same manner are our nations food supply.

My husband used to work for a company that would put up huge grain bins. One job was at a factory turkey farm. He spent maybe a week at that farm as he worked on the bin. The one thing he noticed was every day like clock work the farmer (in this case it happened to be a woman) would come out and go into one of the long turkey barns. She would go through collecting the birds that had died over the night. Every day she would have a full trailer on her four-wheeler that would get dumped into a dumpster that awaited the Jenny-O turkey disposal truck.

On the way to get our Red Wattles, we didn't know it at the time, but we were actually 3 or 4 cars behind one of these trucks. I kept saying how was never moving down there because it smelled so awful for so-- long. Then, realizing we were late began to pass cars. We finally noticed what was making the awful smell. How could people think it is okay to raise animals like this? It shouldn't even be considered a form of animal management. It is the biggest form of neglect I can think of.

Many people say those animals don't know any better. They were born and raised this way. I think that is complete HOGWASH!! (sorry for the pun) How can an animal forget it's roots? But then again I think I just contradicted my own statement. WE have forgotten our roots, and WE are impacting the entire ecological system, and it isn't for the better.

This isn't right and we as human beings know this. There is a way we can help keep these animals out of situations like this. And as surprising as it may be the answer is not Vegan-ism. The answer is to buy from trusted local farms that you are allowed to visit and that have the same values as you do.

I could go on and on with this subject and probably will someday. But I can't right now because I am so disgusted in the way we as humans are treating the food we one day will use to feed our children.

What is wrong with us?

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