Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Meet Rebecka Crawford.

This is Rebecka Crawford the founder of The Crawford : an inn for creatures of the magical sorts. She has cast a spell on herself to have eternal youth. She founded the inn in 1650 when she was 24. She has looked the same for all that time. She is almost 6.5 inches tall. So that means she is tall. very tall. about 6 and a half feet. yikes. Looks like I need to work on my proportions. Rebecka will not be for sale. I think I may only sell the visitors to The Crawford. She has neck problems( her head tends to wobble all over some times falls back. I think I might just glue it in place when she is a sleep and she will never even know.)  and ape arms. No offense Rebecka but you do. I will be working on her outfit today. I hope I can do it properly. Especially if she is going to be here with me for so long. I hope she doesn't get angry and cast a spell on me. EEK!

After I clean the kitchen up I think I am going to sketch out her room. I can't start yet on The Crawford (at least not physically.)

Well im off to start the day... late.. :P

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