Thursday, April 1, 2010

I guess I am going to sell her.

Wow it was really warm today. Like really warm. It made me miserable.

So I changed my mind I think I am going to try and sell her. I guess she isn't as bad as I thought. Once I finished her I realized she really is quite beautiful. I made every thing about her. Even the outfit and I actually am quite proud of her. She is about 6 inches tall. So she is a tall one for a doll house.

She can be found on my etsy at

I will start to work on the next generation that has the manor. Or maybe actually start on the manor itself. we will see. Before I actually start on another doll I need to print out the a base. I need to get my proportions right. This is the second doll who is too tall for the scale I have. I mean she will work, but I want to be accurate.

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