Friday, April 9, 2010

Creating the girl of my dreams....

**stops** if only I was a teenage boy in the 80's (that movie is SO--- wrong!!)... So anyway, I decided to make the resident of the Blue Cat Mercantile today. I haven't actually started but it should be interesting. I am working on skin tone at the moment. I have no idea how to blend the clay the way I want it right now. I also have to make a 1:12 scale template and stick with it. I don't want another giant or midget for that matter. I mean there is nothing wrong with giants or midgets. I just want to actually see if I can get it to scale.

Anyway, I have been lurking around on the Greenleaf Forum. I finally got an account that works. Anyway there is a lot of information on there. I think I might make a pot bellied stove. FUN!!!

May 8th is the Craft show. I have a few things but not much. I might have to etch some more glasses. No more mugs, that are not intended for men. Those things are just too heavy. Lots of little old ladies liked them but the only reason they didn't buy them was because they could not carry them around to the rest of the craft show. I felt bad.

Hopefully I can create this little lady and get on with the Blue Cat Mercantile. Oh did I tell you? I got wallpaper up in the shop. And I stained some shingles last night. I hope I have enough. I really don't like having to make more and wait for the rest of them.

Oh can someone please leave a comment on the Blogger Blog so I can see if my comments are working. Thanks.

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