Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Decisions, Decisions....

Yesterday was exhausting. We floored and wallpapered Chloe's bed room. Infact I think Chloe is still asleep. I don't dare wake her up for fear of having a book thrown at me. Maybe if I carefully take everything away. So anyway we had a dilemma. We could not figure out which way looked the best with the wallpaper. No stripes, stripes on top, stripes on bottom, just stripes? Ugh I was so annoyed with Chloe. We decided on stripes on top with a darker slate molding. But we won't worry about the molding until other things are done. I have no idea how I am going to do the doors. Well I kind of do. I just have to do it. I think that that is all the problems I am having. I have to actually do it. OYE! That's the hard part. I have it all in my head it just doesn't work out like I want some times. I just hope this doesn't look like a complete slop job. I only have until May 8 to complete this.

Chloe has been getting on me about it. She keeps saying, "If you don't get this finished we can't take it to the Craft show. Which means my Blue Cat Mercantile will not get recognition." Gee wiz Chloe, do you not think I don't know this? There is so much stress going on right now. Trying to find an income, deadlines, and sick people in the house. I am feeling a little overwhelmed I guess.


  1. come on people, where are my comments? I need to know that someone is listening. Or am I blogging for nothing?

  2. well it is a month later since you have asked for comments, but I am enjoying your blog. I just discovered it today! Well, actually, I wandered over from the Greenleaf forum. I love your little Pandora witch. My daughter is making a witch house out of an Orchid. I think she is going to try her hand at making one too! :) Keep it up! -Nanobug