Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Love Trunk.

So we went to Michaels to pick up some molding. We love the unfinished wood section!!!! WE got molding and mini flower pots and the best thing of all!!! A trunk. I forgot to take pictures of it before we fixed it  so here is the teeniest little picture of it.

Anyway we went from that to this.

Chloe is very proud of it. She plans to put all of her little trinkets from Her love in it. (She has been writing back and forth to some guy for a while now. She says he wants to move here to be closer to her. I think its creepy but don't tell her that. He says he will help her with the shop. After he gets his sister's house built. He has all the material for it. And his sister will help him build. I don't believe it since he says she keeps yacking  about travelling the world and going to the Netherlands.)  Crazy.

Anyway. This trunk was the first thing I ever did to prim it up. She says when I build her bed she want it to match. Yikes. And she wants the biggest bed in the world. I don't think it is even going to fit in her room. OYE!!!

Oh and I already started on her sink.  We will see how that one turns out. I had to use a chisel.Oh my.

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