Friday, April 16, 2010

{Tutorial} Tiling a Dollhouse floor

So we built some stairs lastnight. I am very proud of them the top step actually is flush with the upper floor. How exciting!

So some people from the Greenleaf Forum wanted a Tutorial on how I did the floor at the Blue Cat Mercantile. I have a small section to do with the bathroom.  But here is the tut on here.

First you have to paint your surface with the color "grout you want" as you can see I needed to add another coat but I didn't.

Next I use Elmer's glue all but any glue that will bond your tiles to the surface will work. I use card stock tiles.
I cut them out they are equal to 12 in tiles. So they are an inch each.

Just add some glue and place a tile down, Just hold it in place for a few seconds so they don't move. Make sure to trim the tiles so they fit properly.

Tadah we have a floor.

Now use your grout color and paint between the tiles.

Then we add some triple thick to the tiles it makes them nice and shiny. If you want you can emboss the grout lines with an embossing tool.  
Here is the finished product. 
I should note you need to make sure not to get glue on your fingers and then touch the tile or it will show up.

Oh and guess what came today. 

Thanks MOM!!!

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