Tuesday, April 27, 2010

ya know it is depressing....

... when you want something so bad, but you know that it is really not a good time to have it and then you realize everyone around you is getting what you wanted but they never even really wanted it that bad. Does that make sense. I really really want another baby. But I know that is would be very bad to have another one while we are occupying my parents house. It would be sheer chaos. It makes me compare my self to others thinking I am so unworthy of another child. That everything I am doing is wrong. I guess today is going to be one of those days. I am getting sick of this blog. Comments don't work. It's not like anyone would comment anyway. Ugh. Maybe I won't talk anymore and bore you with things about my life that you don't really care about. I mean you all followed me for the art anyway right? OY I am just a ball of fun today aren't I?

Maybe if I started on the doors and windows of the blue cat mercantile or  started designing my business cards for the craft show my mind will be turned in a more delightful mood. I think I need to talk to my Tena. Or have our girls day.

I'll stop wallowing in my own misery now.

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