Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Okay so after my little rant. I decided to suck it up and get something done. I reattached the porch on the doll house, made a working door,painted working door, and  Installed working door(can you tell I am excited because it works), labelled all miniature foods for the craft sale an put in mini baggies, I made part of a window that might not actually be a window but more of a shutter. But hey it still looks kewl. I just need to buy a few transparencies for the window "glass". Or if anyone has any they don't need that would be awesome! The deadline is getting closer and closer. And with the door in the doll house is really starting to cometogether. I am starting to become very proud of myself. I just want to see what my aunt says, since she has not seen any of the doll house. And I wonder if she is even going to believe me that I made it all on my own. I still have quite a list

  1. make doors
  2. make windows
  3. install doors and windows
  4. make bathroom fixtures
  5. make a bed
  6. stock shelves in mercantile
  7. make shelf for used candles
  8. make use candles
  9. make scrolls
  10. make jars of goodies
  11. make cash register
  12. think of other things I have to do. 

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