Saturday, July 24, 2010

Contemplating tomorrow...

So I am contemplating tomorrow. Obviously. :P I think I am going to participate in Shadow shot Sunday. 

 I really want to have something that I can keep on a regular basis. Just a kind of fun little game. We will see how long this lasts. So Sunday's Posts will be labeled "Shadow Shot Sunday" and that will be the label as well. ...

Well, I went to the Heritage Center today. I picked up some things for miniatures. I got a grocery bag of miniature woodzies (like you find at Michael's) for $5.00 There was probably about 100 in the bag. I also found some mini pumpkins for the Blue Cat Mercantile, A basket to display my botanicals in at the next craft show. Oh and a new mattress for Orion. He totally slashed his old one with the scissors. And 3 yr. olds with not-so-water-proof mattresses do not go well together. Hopefully this will be the last one we go through. 

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