Monday, July 26, 2010


So I obviously did not post for Shadow Shot Sunday. I was kind of busy being a doula for a friend. That experience was so amazing! I am so glad I chose doula as the title of occupation. **stops** whoa.. I have an occupation besides SAHM. WOW. I really need to get my doula bag in order. I felt so bad yesterday when was asked for tennis balls. I totally blanked it. I only need 4 more pregnant women and I can finish my certification. YAY!!! Yesterday would have been the perfect moment for a shadow shot at the hospital but I was a little involved... SO you will just have to deal with what I have for you today.

This morning we went out and harvested some snap peas, zucchini, and some purple pods. It got hot fast and Orion was complaining so we came in. Oh and Orion got 2 of his special tomatoes.

Oh I also have to tour and evaluate 2 more hospitals, and a birth center. Actually it is only one more hospital but I want to do all the hospitals in the area. Which would actually mean I have a lot more to do than 2 but those are just the numbers required.

Just for some fun here are some of the things I saw today while outside.

I love daylight for photographs. I definitely want daylight light-bulbs.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring. 

Orion wants to watch the Magic School Bus. He wants to learn about the Sun. I love that he chooses what he learns and when he wants to. I thought it was awesome that Orion has been singing Jesus wants me for a SunBeam. Everyday. It's cute.

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