Tuesday, July 27, 2010

An accomplishment

So for any of you who know me this is a massive accomplishment. I cleaned the sink for about an hour. Here is the result. I am going to make a sign that makes us remember to wipe down the sink after each use and ask that the sink look like this when you are done with it. Dishes are to go in the dishwasher or dishpan not in the sink. I think it will be hard work to stay on task but hopefully with a daily routine I can keep it neat. It is all about baby steps as the fly lady says. Maybe someday the entire house can look like this. That would be nice. I am planning on slowly working my way around the kitchen to straighten and clean. I might rearrange some things but I am not quite so sure how that will go over with my mom. Just because it involves putting things away that we never use. (Meaning Bread machine, and pizza oven maybe even the malt mixer, however that one is kind of a neat object (it is old).) I want to switch the place of their coffee maker and the toaster oven.

Once again we will see what tomorrow brings.
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