Thursday, July 29, 2010

well, I'm awake......wait.... what?

So I was tired yesterday afternoon.... I had spent more time working on the kitchen. That itself is an accomplishment. Just the whole fact of me actually doing something that involves cleaning. Wow... So anyway. I am hoping to do the next Station which just so happens to be the one right next to the refrigerator, which includes a pizza oven and bread maker that no one uses. 4 boxes of canned goods from last years harvest and about 20 pounds of sugar for the food storage. Man o' man. Doesn't seem like much does it. Well considering on what I have to clean in order to get that moved out and clean is overwhelming in itself. I have to clean off my mom's wine rack that has been a great storage place for everything we cannot find a spot for. But that is where the pizza maker is going so I can put my toaster oven where the pizza maker is. That is a completely vital role that has to be played out in today's story line. Just because I do not heat anything up in the microwave. I prefer my food not to be turned into plastic before I eat it. Now, the thing that is really scary is when the food is one molecule away from being plastic before you even do anything to it. (margarine)

I have a question. Who decided that describing dog food or even people food with the word chunks, or chunky, was appetizing.  When you are describing something with the word chunks it kind of makes me think of up chuck. Or something along that line. **shudders**

Well, the garden is a complete flop this year. It got so dang hot that we were not able to get out and weed. So our weeds are about 2 feet taller than the plants we are growing. And I might mention it is not just weeds, it is actual grass. I am thinking our harvest is going to be small. Very small this year. And I have decided i am going to use raised beds next year. Ike said I would be on my own. Fine. I see it as, if I have raised beds I can focus just on one 4'x8' raised bed at a time and I don't have to look a a whole 60 foot row and say "oh I have to weed all of that?" As you can tell I get overwhelmed easily.

I hear footsteps upstairs now meaning Orion is awake at 8:14 today. I wonder what his mood will be?.

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