Tuesday, July 6, 2010


So if any of you follow my Traveling Doll blog ( www.travelwithceleste.blogspot.com )you kind of know the story of Jacob Debwa and his Sister Celeste. Well Jacob has finally arrived to build Celeste her home. Chloe has been writing him for many months now and she is so excited he is finally here. Jacob is quite the handy man and plans to have the house completed before Celeste gets home. She is currently on her way to the Netherlands.She has been to Maryland, New Hampshire and England. After her stay in the Netherlands she has maybe 10 more stops before returning home. I am anticipating some time around Christmas. Maybe, it might be earlier or later. Who knows. I hope Jacob can finish the house for her. Even though she does not want it. He says she needs to have a solid home since she has never had one before. 

(note to newcomers) When I create dolls I have this thing where I have to have a story for them. I am sure some of them(the dolls) will make it into some of my books. Or maybe just help me be inspired for other creativities. I am not nuts. Really. :P 

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