Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I guess I forgot to say what I was going to... oops.

What I was going to post about today was how I am so grateful for some of the modern technology we have. Like a mixer, blender and waffle maker. I am sure I can think of some other things too like laptop, internet, telephone. I was thinking the other day on how much I would have loved to be a pioneer. i think I still would, just with a few things I would like to take to pioneer time. :P How crazy would that be. I would have loved to live during the Salem Witch Trials, minus the fact that I practice herbalism and holistics so I probably would have been framed as a witch and also the fact that they were Puritans and not really pioneers. But I think you catch my drift.  Infact I think I am getting some Ideas here for something.... Hmmm... 

This gets me in the mood to watch  a movie. I think I will do that after i clean up the mess in the kitchen from Homemade waffels and the grinding of our own flour. 

I may go brainstorm now. :P 

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