Friday, September 17, 2010

Field Trip/ Farm Friday

Well, today Orion and I went for a small field trip to Champney Park. We went on an acorn hunt, since A is for acorn don't ya know. We baked the acorns at 220 for about 2 hours. We had to kill all the nasties in side of them.  Orion was not to thrilled with the acorns after he had collected them. So maybe I will have to use them in a sensory. once I get a few more things.

After we got back from our acorn escapades we went out to the garden. We harvested our corn. Oo roughly 15 ears. I feel so bad about not tending the garden. I hope they will dry properly and I will be able to plant them next year and have them grow. I told Ike that I am planning on using raised beds next year. Ike is not amused. He wants rows. I want raised beds. We will have to see what works out. I am not giving in about raised beds. I think I will be less intimidated when I look out at the garden and say I need to weed the peas and instead of seeing 2 sixty foot quadruple rows of peas I will see  2 or 3 4x8 raised beds. It is a more focused area I think. Last year we had some raised beds, but they didn't have any sides on them. Next year I will be installing permanent raised beds. I just wonder if I will actually be able to have a fence around my garden.

Hoping for something like this...

I eventually I will rid this property of "lawn". I feel it is pointless. I hate having to mow. I mean I would still like Orion to have a place to play. At least we have free range chickens, geese, and rabbits on the property so they are using the land that way. I just feel it is totally ridiculous. We have 4.5 acres here and maybe 1 or a little more is buildings, everything else is over grown grass, or lawn, or our 1/4 acre garden. I am hoping to add my raised bed garden into that mix. Maybe the things that are in our other garden will be potatoes, corn, sunflowers, melons, squash. Mostly things that take up a lot of space.

I may have plans laid out for next year. We are starting to put the garden to bed now. :)

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