Monday, September 20, 2010

Muffin Tin Monday

Well today is Muffin Tin Monday, as well as the beginning of a new school week. The letter of the week this week is B and Orion loved the B sandwiches. I try to have at least one element of letter of the week in our meals.

The bottom right corner is a Chick-en Nugget. Zero meat. We made them from garbanzo beans. Ike and I thought they were awesome. Orion had one but there is alot on that tray. however he did eat all of his carrots and cucumbers. 

Orion LOVED THIS!!! You can't really tell but he did paint the bee yellow it was just on yellow paper. ^_^* 
We read :


Ba Ba Black sheep. (could'nt find a Pic)


Orion really enjoyed Bats at the Beach.

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  1. Hi thanks for stopping by and grabbing my button. The tin looks awesome and love the craft. Do not forget to link your post on Muffin Tin Monday so everyone can come by and visit you :) I grabbed your button.