Saturday, October 9, 2010

Rest in peace Joshua Haskins Comments on my post of Genital Integrity and Latterday Saturday

On October 6 2010(i think)  Joshua Haskins passed away. Why is this significant? Because that name, that child is the name of another child who had his life taken away by circumcision. Yes, I know the story. Baby is born with broken heart, Baby is sick going in and out of surgeries and treatments. Baby gets circumcised, arteri nicked baby bleeds for hours, Baby dies. I am an intactivist. I always will be. But do you want to know the one thing that differs me from some others. I would never, ever say such hurtful things to a mother who just lost her son. I cannot believe that we as a group of activists could be so cruel. When I posted my blog entry about Genital Integrity I had no idea that Joshua had passed. I feel feel for this momma. It doesn't matter who is to blame this woman lost a child. Hate and hurtful words will not put a good view on the intactivist's passion. What would happen if people like this mom had never even heard of an intactivist before. Is the way we as a group behaved anything you want them to remember. It's no wonder circumcision is the norm. I have no more to say on this I am just completely in disgust with the behavior.

On a lighter subject. Today is Latterday Saturday so I thought I would share the cutest thing I have ever purchased. I actually don't know where they are right now but I do know we got them about 3 years ago. I got these for Orion when he was 1. I had to get the darker missionary just because of his expression. **snicker snicker* I thought they were awesome then and I still think they are awesome now. I wanted to collect all of them So I **clears throat** I mean Orion could create a mini MTC. :P I'm a dork I know. I just thought I would share this with you. I have to go "finalize" my nursery lesson.

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