Saturday, October 16, 2010


With the weather turning colder I have been a little reluctant on posting about my homesteading ventures. I don't know exactly why. What I do know is that nature is beautiful and has odd timing. So a mother hen hatched out 4 baby chicks a while ago (like early summer). Those all died because we were trying to protect them and put them in a chicken tractor. Momma needed more room than that. She trampled them. So about a week after those died another hen decided to hatch out a bunch. Eight I do believe. 7 survived. They are now almost the size of the momma. Now about a week ago (the week us Wisconsinites got frost every night) hatched out 8 more. Two of them died and now we have six, week old baby chicks. I went outside this morning and there was a black hen with 7 baby chicks under her and the one who had six now had seven as well. Weird. I find it very interesting that they are deciding to hatch out eggs in the beginnings of winter. OYE! So here I sit with a conundrum. I need to have a proper coop for the hens to go in and lay and also to stay warm before winter strikes. So hopefully they will survive, because that is more chicks than hens we have in our flock. We are hoping to put some hens in the freezer. However, if they are going to keep this up we may have to keep them around. :)

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