Friday, October 15, 2010

{Foodie} Why is it odd for adults to drink breast milk?

Today I was reading over at Inhabitots and I really got to wondering. Why is it so odd that people breast-feed? Why don't we as adults consume breast milk? I find it quite interesting that Breast-milk and breast-feeding has become so taboo that so many women are in search of an "easier" way to feed the next generation. I just don't get it. 

Slogans from the doctor saying "Breast is Best" are still being given to pregnant women and yet more and more women are choosing to artificially feed the babes of the world. It saddens me to see the women who strive to live up to the "Breast is Best" motto being scrutinized daily, shoved into bathrooms, and kicked out of public places just because they want to feed their children the way God had intended them to do so. 

Anyway, this post is not about Breast Feeding awareness. (Well, not totally) This post is about the fact that we humans have lost who we really are. We are milk makin/drinking mammals. Who have started this new way of living that involves drinking milk from animals that are 3 times our size. Don't get me wrong here I consume dairy. I am just curious if we are really getting it from the places we are meant to. I wonder if we are supposed to supplement our supply with the milk from animals and base most of it off our own milk that we can produce ourselves. 

Maybe it is just us Americans who find it odd to consume mothers milk after you are weaned. In fact, over in Switzerland one gentleman has even opened a restaurant called Storchen, that serves soups and sauces made with 75% mothers milk. (I need to get a passport.) 

We know all the benefits that come from giving our babies mother's milk so why does it not make sense that we would get nutrients and antibodies now that we have grown? 

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  1. I did with my weaned toddler. When I had a baby and my toddler was sick I gave them a bottle of milk (mine) anything to help him feel better, I thought the extra "normal" nutrients might help. Good points. I felt silly about it - but why should I, right?