Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sorry, life happens.

I need to post a major apology to the faithful readers I have. I have been so carried away with real life that I have not been posting. Sorry. Life Happens.

So any who we have been very busy around here. As you last heard, my BFF from highschool got married. YAY! That is so exciting. I have been busting my butt around here. Our yard is a disaster, so in preparation for winter I decided I needed to clean a little. So I cleaned the entrance up to the house. I was going to do more but ended up installing a sidewalk all by myself. That was oddly hard work. :P Ike finally has a job. YAY! (insert happy dance here). It is a temporary job, but it is a job. We are still hoping to hear from his first interview. They said they would call this week, but so far nothing. (it is not looking good.) On Monday Ike will call.

I have one photo to share with you today. It is a photo of a very sad boy who misses his daddy and doesn't believe me when I tell him he will return from work in a few hours.

It makes me sad to see Orion so down. :C

Okay so  I lied here are some photos of our leaf hunting extravaganza. :D

Momma I want these ones!
I am tempted to mess with the layout of the blog again. Everybody get ready for some chaos!

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  1. Poor little guy! My kids hate having their daddy gone (for a few hours) too!