Monday, November 1, 2010

Very Busy Past week and Painting to share.

Ya know I am usually all for Halloween but this year--not so much. I was just emotionally and physically drained this week. From doing what I thought was right, to getting yelled at for doing so and being considered un-christ-like (that hurt) , to making my first stuffed animal, my first pillow, my first waldorf inspired doll, my first ghost costume, attending the Branch's Trunk or Treat, having dinner with the missionaries 2 nights, Painting a wedding present for my BFF from High-school, Painting a wedding card for same BFF, attending wedding reception, going to a small bon-fire in freezing weather, waking up early to go to stake conference, and then come home to take Orion Trick-O-Treating.... yeah totally lost all enthusiasm for the fun part of halloween. Well, actually I think the fun part of halloween is crafting. However, I find it amusing that none of these crafts were actually halloweenish.  Oh and don't forget being Nauseous for the last week and a half. Yeah that didn't help. Anyway, I do have some pictures to share, but unfortunately I haven't gotten around to taking photos of the other crafts. Orion has claimed the stuffed animal as his own and I don't know if I can get it away from him. You may have to see it later.

I might be the only one who found this amusing. The bride is moving to Kansas (where her hubby is from) so I figured I would do a little Wizard of Oz themed card to go along with the painting. **I'm just sick like that** :P 

Mr. and Mrs. Hinds

May the bride and groom have a happy Eternity together. :D

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