Friday, October 22, 2010

A note to anyone who cooks. Important!

Last-night I was working on a recipe. And as I was peeling carrots there was a loud BANG! Followed by shattered glass hitting the ground, table, counter, and I am sure ceiling. It sounded like we were living in a "ghetto" part of a big city and we were the victims of a drive-by. It was crazy loud! Like really crazy loud. And it is a good thing I was on the other side of the kitchen too. When I heard the sound I quick turned around and I saw the actual explosion. My cast iron skillet, and pot of water all had shards of glass in it. So we had to wash them out or else have a very sore mouth. I chose the first. Anyway. I no longer have my 8x8 pyrex. :C. I don't know why but I loved that little thing. I actually shed a few tears over it. **rolls eyes at self**.

So that is how my night started last night. BLAH! It put me in a mood, but luckily it was nothing a little Love Comes Softly didn't fix. I did manage to make a very good hamburger (grass fed) soup last night. YUM! It was really great. I may make it again and put it in my cookbook. :)

I think it will be a 2011 project.

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