Monday, December 20, 2010

Thinking about "upping" my Status.

So here is a doozie for you. I have been having these feelings lately. In our area there are only a handful of doulas, I think there are even fewer midwives (minus the CNMs around here). I have actually started thinking about becoming a midwife. Weird. I never thought I would want to do that. There is such a fine line between life and death involved with it, that I don't know how I would even manage. Anywho, I think that will be further down the road, however, my love for studying birth related things will not change, and I think that while I continue to study I may be envisioning my own "practice" in the future. **sigh** what to do.. what to do... One thing not to do is surf the web wasting the day when I have Christmas and Birthday presents to finish making.

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