Thursday, January 27, 2011

Doula Connect- Connect with Doulas in your Area

Doula Connect was started by Sara Carlson in hopes of providing and easy access way for women who are searching for a doula to find them. The importance of a Doula in a pregnancy is huge. Hopefully Doula Connect will help more women realize the importance. Doula Connect was inspired by the Eats on Feets way of connecting.

To use the Doula Connect System you must go to the Doula Connect Website and click on the link for your state. That link will take you to a Facebook group where you will find a list of doulas for your area. Information will be constantly added to each group. And administrators are needed. If interested please contact Sara via email

If you want to add your doula business to the directories please email Sara Carlson at  and provide your business name, your name, what type of doula services you provide, other services, phone number, email.

The current website is still under construction and is seeking donations to make it a .org.   All contributors will receive a note of thanks on the special thanks page of the site.

All donations should be made via PayPal to

NOTE: Donations do not have to be large. If one person contributes a dollar that will help.

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