Thursday, February 3, 2011

Farm- Update and thoughts.

February 1st was a special day, we did some bartering. My husband Ike has struck a fancy for the wood lathe and turned some beautiful bowls. Then we were able to use those bowls to barter for a few ducks. The only thing is we got more than a few. We got twenty-something. SWEET! All we had to do was drive for an hour and a half and we had ducks. And with the good mileage we get it was amazing. On the way there I decided I really enjoyed when I had a farm blog. It made me feel like we were actually accomplishing something with the homestead. I have been focusing so much of my energy into doulaing, and illustration that I have totally pushed self-sufficiency aside. I don’t like it. So today I want to start a farm blog again. I don’t know what the name of the farm will be. I have changed it quite a few times. So for now it will just be our farm.
I really did not like the way that my blog was going. With alias' and to much random stuff being posted, always worrying about how many views I am going to get. So I am stopping. I am going to stop trying to be something I am not. I am trying so hard to stop comparing myself to others. This is my blog I am a farmgirl and DANG IT I am going to be proud of it. Even if I get a city slicker doula client, who thinks I am  poor and dirty, they may be right but  I am going to be proud of it.   I am Sara Carlson. I am a mom, a wife, an artist, a working illustrator, a doula, a farm girl and a Mormon.  My husband’s name is Ike, he is our only handyman and mechanic, he can fix or build anything, he has started to awaken his artistic side with the wood-lathe. So far, even the stuff he doesn’t like is beautiful. And then we have my little man, Orion. He is 4 he is active and he is home-schooled. It won’t be long and he will be reading. :) He loves to learn and spend time at the Children’s Museum. We  currently are living in the same house as my parents. Not exactly fun but it is a place to stay. We have plans to change the barn into our house. We also have a 1/4 acre garden that has expanded about another 1/4 acre that will be all raised beds. Fun! I try to preserve most of what comes out of our garden except a lot of it never makes it to the house. We practice organic gardening and animal husbandry. Our animals are free range for the most part. Some days they can not come out because it is too far below zero. But that happens when you live in Wisconsin.
So this blog is getting one final makeover, a make over that is me. I am tired of hiding who I really am and what I am interested in because I am afraid someone will look down on me. From this day on I am me. 


  1. Of course you are! You should be too. I am completely amazed by your talent and dedication to your chosen lifestyle. I can't wait to get some land, but in the meantime, I'm living vicariously, so keep posting what you love, no matter what that is! Doula, mom, wife, illustrator, LDS, farmer, it's all in there. Just post what you feel!

  2. Thanks Morgan. I was just getting so sick of not having any real passion for what I was posting. It seemed like it was all just to get some one to read it. Which technically yes that is what a blog is about, however, I am going to try my hardest not to get bummed because I don't get comments, or because I don't have anything to post about that day. We need to have a record of our successes and failures to look back on. And not try and please readers by writing what they want.