Friday, February 18, 2011

I missed my own bloody blogoversary! Ha!

So apparently two days ago was my blogoversary. hmmm. Forgot about that one. Thats okay. Today I spent my time starting seeds. Last night we had a meeting at church and one of the Master Gardeners in our branch helped us start seeds. So I got completely into the mood and have been sowing seeds for my raised bed garden. I am so excited! I don't know why but I love gardening! I am hoping I will enjoy it even more now that I am going to have my own raised bed sanctuary! Talk about love. Maybe this year we will have enough for a market garden. I have many herb and flower varieties going in too. So maybe I will be able to make some beautiful flower arrangements. That will definitely be fun. Anything to earn a few dollars. I still have seeds from 2009 that have not been planted. I started some tonight. Hopefully they grow. They are most of my herbs like Oregano and rosemary and thyme. YUM. I don't know I just love the gardening seasons. Which really is every season. Maybe I should become a master gardener. Just not at the moment. too much on the platter right now as it is. OOO OOO I am sprouting some Mandarinquats in hopes of getting some indoor citrus trees growing. :) I may start a few Meyer Lemon Trees as well. I think they are just beautiful. That also brings me to our orchard out there. Hopefully they don't get frost this year. I would love to have some more fruit. One of our plum trees is actually already about 15 feet tall. It is crazy!!  We have about 15 Apple, Pear and Plum trees. I am praying for a bumper crop from all the fruits and vegetables this year. We need to restore our food storage. 

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