Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sweet and Innocent.

So right now everyone in the house is a sleep taking a nap; so I thought I would take a little down time for my self.

Orion was the most awesome little boy today. He sat almost the entire time through Sacrament Meeting with out making a fuss. He told me he didn't need his back pack with things to do so we left it in the coat closet. It wasn't until there was maybe 10 minutes left that he started to get antsy and asked for his color-book and crayons. WOOT! We are making progress. And then what is even better is he went to primary with out a fuss. He is growing so much and there is so much I want to teach him. It got me reflecting on how I don't know that much about the gospel. I mean I know the basics, but I am in no means a scriptorian. I am in no way a person who can remember what she reads even when she is totally involved in it. So how am I supposed to teach that to my son. As an unschooler I try really hard not to force things for him to learn about.. I guess I just feel like a minority. Yes there are alot of LDS homeschoolers, however LDS unschoolers is another thing.

Anyway, I feel like I need help to teach Orion the gospel. Maybe that will be a subject we will HAVE to learn. He get so excited when we have family home evening and I am grateful for that. He loves learning, and is such a bright child. Sometimes I wonder who took my 4 year old and replaced him with a 7 year old. It baffles my mind.

I guess this blog post was just a little thing to straighten out things in my mind. What I have come up with is I am going to make some lapbooks on different topics from our gospel doctrine. And that way if he wants to pick them up and look at them after we go over everything he can and he will understand them.

Glad we figured that out.



  1. As an LDS Unschooler, I feel your pain. (I am a commenting crazy person lately!) Anyway, I've decided to start our days (no matter what day it is, or what we're doing that day) with a "devotional" each morning after breakfast. I bought the Stories of The Book of Mormon and we're sharing the stories, not reading every word because the three-year-old won't sit that long. Five minutes or so and we're learning the scriptures.

    The other thing is that no matter what you're learning about it can be tied to the gospel. Why do kangroos carry their baby in their pouch? At the most basic, non-scientific truth, because Heavenly Father made them that way... and then delve into the science.

    Anyway, it's just a little way to connect the gospel daily.

  2. Thanks Morgan, I totally appreciate your input. I was actually considering having a morning devotional with Orion. Since you are like my only commenter I really enjoy it. And even if I do get more than one person to comment. I still love to hear from you.