Friday, October 28, 2011

I don' like vomit.

I am one of those people who sees a person vomit and I might as well vomit. However, last night I did not. I am proud of my self I think I handled it so that my little man did not get worried. (Besides I think it is worse when a grown up does it.) So any way my little man is sick today. We spent all night about every 20 minutes for about 6 hours vomiting/dry heaving. That is such a hard thing to watch especially on a four year old. I felt so bad. There was nothing I could do to comfort him. He didn't want me to rub his back or anything. So I just stood there. Hoping he would get some sleep. It was almost like clockwork. just as I would doze off there would be another spell. My poor sweet boy. How do you other mothers handle the flu season?  I am looking for herbal remedies to help with a stomach bug. If you know of any don't be afraid to share.

after vomit talk I thought I would leave you with how he was feeling before the ..."episode"

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