Monday, May 7, 2012

5 Foods a Traditional Kitchen Should NOT be Without

While trying to get back in the swing of things after my "episode" (read about it HERE and HERE) I decided to do a few simple, yet totally worth it blog posts on things you should really consider having in your traditional kitchen. 

  • Grass Fed Raw DairyWhen dairy products are pasteurized and homogenized you loose many of the nutrients and most if not all the good bacteria that is present and needed for good gut health. If you cannot find raw dairy in your state due to laws, consider pasteurized but NOT homogenized cream line milk most health food stores carry this. 

  • Fats- Raw Butter, Lard (not the stuff from the grocery store, that is just hydrogenated oils), Olive Oil, and my favorite coconut oil. All these things are very good for you. In-fact Weston A Price insists that a diet high in animal fats is essential to good health. 

  • Sprouted Flours- (Read my post on why we need to sprout or soak our grain HERE) I find that sprouting my grains and then dehydrating and grinding into flour to be much more realistic than soaking flour for my family. When you soak a flour you need an acidic medium to break down the phytic acid, and frankly we don't like the flavor or the result of the bread. 

  • Animal Stocks- There are so many nutrients available to us through animal stocks or broth may be a word that is more recognized. It is such a simple way of getting what your body needs. Stay tuned for a post on how to make a great broth, with recipes on how to use this essential food in your kitchen.

  • Fresh Fruits & Vegetables- As always Organic is best, but if you cannot buy Organic all the time looks for fruits and vegetables with thicker skins they absorb less chemicals, and don't use the skins in your food preparations. Here is a list of fruits and vegetables that are low in chemical pesticide residues.   
  1.  Avocados
  2. Corn (However, corn that is not organic IS GMO, and we want to avoid GMOs at all costs)
  3. Onions
  4. Sweet Potatoes
  5. Cauliflower
  6. Brussel Sprouts
  7. Grapes
  8. Bananas
  9. Plums
  10. Green Onions
  11. Watermelon
  12. Broccoli                                              

You must buy these organic!! 
They contain high amounts of pesticide residues. 

  1. Strawberries
  2. Bell Peppers (red and green)
  3. Spinach
  4. Cherries (US)
  5. Peaches
  6. Cantaloupe (Mexico)
  7. Celery
  8. Apples
  9. Apricots
  10. Green Beans
  11. Grapes (Chile)
  12. Cucumbers
  13. Pears
  14. Winter Squash (US)
  15. Potatoes (US)

I hope this helps keep a pantry supplied with healthy traditional foods. I will even have to look back to remember.  


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