Thursday, May 27, 2010


I have been gone for so long... well, I was still here just not. The craft show on the 8th of May was a flop. I think I really need to get working so there is enough product for the customers. I also need to pick a product and have it be the center of my focus. I am really liking the miniature life. I am learning new ways of making dolls and I hope I can keep up the flow. I just don't think there are many people interested in miniatures around here.  I have taken a break from any crafts what so ever since the show. It totally wore me out trying to finish that doll house. I didn't even take any pictures I was so busy. I didn't even finish it completely.

I guess I did work on some crafts. I started building the Orchid. I am turning it into Santa's workshop. Santa and a few elves will be  there. I don't think I am going to be worrying about posing ability. There is another show in November. I think that one does better just because it is closer to Christmas. I saw a display over at The Giddy Kimper and Bella Bell Dolls I love the way they displayed their dolls.  I think I want to do that.. Granted I need that many dolls to display.

Oh and little miss Rogue-alina (my cat) is pregnant. She finally came in while I wrote this, her belly still swollen with kitties. I was worried she had not been in the house for the past 2 days so I got worried she was going to have them out side. Hopefully we can get her to stay in. We left the window open upstairs so maybe she would come in and she finally did. When I saw her come back in I quickly ran up stairs and shut it. Maybe we can fix up a place in our room so she has them there. Yeah right.... 

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