Saturday, June 5, 2010

Gardening Galore!!!

So these past months have been so hectic. We have been planning and planting the garden. We still do not have it all in but I am super excited because I think it will be so much better than last year's and last year's was great. I love the new things we put in and the amount that we did. We have Blue Hubbard Squash this year, I am excited for that. They say it is supposed to make a better pumpkin pie than pumpkin it self.

We had to place a new order for our Amish snap peas. We saved over 1000 seeds last year. We took them out to the garden and for got to close the gate. All I can say was that we were a few seconds from having homegrown chicken soup. Needless to say they got all of them. Every last pea. Oh they make me mad sometimes. so note to everyone. close the garden gate!

We are also getting Mandan Bride corn. It is a flour corn. I am excited about that. it is beautiful. We bought some organic yellow dent corn from Seed Savers. I know eventually our supply of corn will be tainted by the GM farmers around us but hopefully it will not be that bad. :( I wish we could get GM outlawed.  


  1. I was late getting my garden in the ground this year. Was. Yeah, ok, I still have lots to plant outside.

    My peas got eaten up too. But it was my first year to try, and maybe I should have started them sooner.

    Next year!

    Meanwhile... I'll be planting green beans soon. Yum!

    Vikki at and

  2. We actually got them planted a lot earlier than last year. We didn't get it planted until almost July last year.