Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Brainwashing our Children to get the H1N1 vaccination.

I was a little disgusted yesterday. I was sitting upstairs working with the sewing machine and Orion was watching on of his favorite television shows, Sid the Science Kid. Now normally I am fine with that. However, yesterday was different, it totally changed how I view PBS and their child friendly programming.

Yesterday they showed an episode where they learned about Vaccinations. (that part I was fine with) However, they did not tell about the negative effects of the vaccinations (obviously). It really had a vaccination message that would sit well with most parents and even kids. Especially when you throw in a song about helping out your community by getting a shot, and it will only hurt a little but it would help a lot, so you should "roll up your sleeves and come and get it". --WHAT?!

Now I am in no way anti-vaccine, I just think it should be the child's choice and I guess brainwashing the children to want to be like their favorite kid on TV is the way they chose to make it the child's choice.

One of the big things that really bothered me is that I don't think they stressed enough on the ways to stay healthy with out the use of the shots. I also did not like that none of the children on the show were not vaccinated.  Oh and get this it is not even for just any old vaccine it is for the "NEW" flu shot (they even say it repeatedly in the show). So that means this is for the H1N1 vaccine. ARGH!! All I can say is we need to be informed. We need to be educated on what goes into our body and how to manage your health with out the use of drugs. But of course Big Pharma would not get any money from that now would they.

So as I was trying to find the video, one of the first links that came up was www.flu.gov. (it's no wonder Henson Company made the show.)

 Secretary Sebelius said "Sid will be a great messenger as we continue to find new and creative ways to reach out to children, adults, and families about how to stay healthy during flu season."

So here is some bad news about the H1N1 vaccine:

  • It contains Mercury which is a leader in autism
  • Possible Misscarriage or birth defects
  • delayed brain development in children
  •  increased risk of Guillain-Barre syndrome
There is a whole other list of things that can possible go wrong. More than just what I am posting here. I am cutting it short because I want you to decide for yourself. 


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