Friday, December 10, 2010


It will be a miracle if any of you stick with me through this. I have changed my blog so many times.  I want something that I am proud of, I want something that I can bring all the aspects of my life together in. I don't want to have this huge gap of kiddo stuff, homesteading stuff, and doula stuff. Oh and then there is my art. I tried having a blog just for my art but it didn't really work, I always ended up posting it here.

So here is the proposal. I am going to revamp this blog(again) I know, I know, just don't hate me for it. Hopefully there will be more posts ( I was doing really well for a while there). I just feel this whole Kumquat Drops and Pomegranate Kisses thing is too corny. I am going to close this blog to private just until I get everything all worked out. ( I know I always hate seeing posts on other blogs while in the midst of the revamp. And yes I have done it.) So anyway. I bid farewell until everything is figured out. If you don't want to stick with me and my ongoing blogger schizophrenia that is fine. But I do hope that when I return you all will be here with me.

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