Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Vow to Pinterest

Have you ever found something that you knew was going to be an ultimate time waster right from the beginning.  This so happens to be the case with me and.......
I was bad and ended up using that fancy little button they let you put up in chrome that lets you pin anything you want.  Here is where the vow comes in. I heard about it from fellow blogger (and my high school art teacher :)...) Chris Rambo of Passion & Pursenality  It is a vow not to just browse on Pinterest, you have to actually do something with the things you pin. So anyway I started a board for organizing my craft space. In case you don't know I have a huge organization problem. It never happens. However, I have been slowly getting better since I got a solid oak teachers desk from the Building Hope (recycled building supplies and furniture) store. I am in love. I had to get it because of the shear mass of the Wacom Cintiq 24HD. I don't know where I would have even put this thing if I didn't get this desk. So the desk started my spark for organization. I mean how can you not organize when you actually have drawers to organize things into. Score!  So my husband built me a shelf to put some of the random craft things up on.

This is my main inspiration. I just need to stock up on spice racks. Looks like a trip to goodwill is in order.

I have decided not to paint mine, I like the look of the wood. But one day maybe when I am living in a barn I may paint them. :) 

Hopefully I can find some more spice racks for my craft paints. But for now I just have my Martha Stewart MicroBeads in. I may actually need to make a tine attachment shelf for 3 more jars of MicroBeads that did not fit on the shelf.

Once I had most of my micro-beads up and out of the way I had to create something with them. It may not have been the right color choices but I ended up making a miniature dinner. (sorry about the lighting)

I am planning on adding something else to the plate, I don't know if it will be asparagus or lime slices. Anyway, I love the microbeads, and cannot wait to create some miniature cakes, cookies, and treats using the microbeads. 

In fact I love microbeads so much I think I may just do a product review and a Giveaway on them. **wink**

Stay tuned for Tomorrow's post for details on how to enter. 

Have a good evening. :) 

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